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Here’s a list of my upcoming training sessions. Check back for new class additions.

Coming soon: Scrum Foundations and Getting Started with Kanban!

Kanban System Design (KSD) :: Part 1 of the Kanban Management Professional Certification

Get in the flow of things – learn how to design systems for managing work using the power of the evolutionary approach of the Kanban Method. In this class, you’ll learn the fundamentals of the Kanban Method, and how to Design (or Improve) a Kanban system to optimize flow, and speed the delivery of work – ie., stop starting work, start finishing work.

Check Eventbrite for upcoming dates

Kanban Systems Integration (KSI) :: Part 2 of the Kanban Management Professional Certification

Take the Kanban Method to the next level! Regardless of type of industry or the size of your organization, you’ll learn how to tackle real-world problems using the Kanban Method’s approach to managing change. Through hands-on labs and structured discussion, you’ll learn how more about Kanban as an evolutionary change mechanism, as well as how to identify and eliminate bottlenecks, apply cadences for gathering feedback, improve capacity, and better address demand.

Check Eventbrite for upcoming dates